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The Red, White, and Blue: Showing Your True Stripes

By all means, GOP/MAGA, wrap yourself in the American flag while selling state secrets to foreign enemies? Scream “defund the FBI,” verbally attack the U.S. Attorney General, and physically attack and kill Capitol Police while calling your political entity the party of “law and order?”

Demand freedom from government interference or oversight on everything (including polluting the air we breathe and water we must drink), but play dirty tricks to go against the will of the people and law of the land to have government plant inside peoples’ bedrooms and even inside a woman’s body?

Stupidly shout, “Second Amendment” rights while ignoring the continuing murders of children in their classrooms by AR-15 toting angry men?

Chant “lock her up” about your political enemy over her email server while defending your candidate who is hiding and selling classified documents that belong to the United States?

Pretend to be for the farmer while imposing tariffs that cause them harm and closing?

Pretend to be for the little guy while giving the most unholy tax cuts to the multi-millionaires?

Lie, use misinformation, support a 24-7 propaganda channel owned by an Australian with deep ties to Putin and call yourselves patriots?

Blame immigrants to deflect from your political party’s crimes while immigrants keep this country moving forward, clean up your dirt, take care of your children, harvest and make your food?

Finally, stop hiding your racism and misogyny because you have lumped all into “owning the libs” while offering nothing to anyone except the one percent?

Couch your hate in “Christian Conservatism” while metaphorically and symbolically nailing Christ to the cross only because you cannot literally do so to that dark-skinned do-gooder who loved everyone?

Shout “family values” while having three-ways with the pool boy, paying for sex with a minor in a public bathroom, leave your wives and pay for your mistresses’ abortions, demand every fetus, even unviable ones, be made to go full term even if it kills the mother before voting down every piece of legislation that could help an indigent family or provide health care for a special needs child?

But, by all means, Republicans/MAGA/TRUMP world wrap yourself in that American flag because that might deflect from the fact you lie about showing your true stripes: your anti-American, anti-choice; anti-democracy; anti-woman; anti-child; anti-Christian; anti-Constitution; anti-knowledge; anti-science, anti-education, anti-compassion, anti-humanity, anti-ethical; anti-honesty; and anti-decency campaigns to expose your inner decay and putrid rotting.

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