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Trump, Trump, Trump, All the Time, Vicious Cycle

Trump, Trump, Trump, All the Time

Recently, we acknowledged Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, but every news feed—from the top newspapers to the online news outlets, AP, Google News, Yahoo News, television stations—all had front-line coverage of, who else but Donald Trump, the illegitimate President spouting some new insanity, inciting hatreds and divisions, promoting Russian interests and his own criminal enterprises. Trump literally dropped a wreath at the Martin Luther King memorial in Washington, D.C. and stayed for all of one minute and 48 seconds. Even when his louse is turned out for everyone to see, Trump is still getting the attention he demands.

On the day of the third annual women’s march, Saturday, January 19, 2019, it was difficult to find news about the women’s marches around the country due to information being squeezed out by—you guessed it—more sensationalism from the liar-in-chief.

The greatest number of women recently took their oaths of office as United States Congressional representatives, and the news articles read, “a group that will have to work with President Donald Trump and the GOP-controlled U.S. Senate.” Anyone see how that was done? News coverage inverted so as to emphasize Trump. Not what the news should have read: the illegitimate President and GOP-controlled Senate will have to work with a rising force of dynamic new leaders in the Democratic-led House.

Every writer understands how syntax, word order, word emphasis, word choice influences and even alters meaning. Journalists know and understand this better than most people, and they have allowed themselves to be influenced by the money Trump coverage has brought into their media outlets or their corporate heads have dictated that dangerous type of emphasis.

This perverted and dangerous imbalance in news coverage, this obsession over all things Trump, has helped bring our country to be portrayed in this dismal image of cowardice and hatreds exposed for all the world to witness. We have kicked in our own teeth, bloodied our faces, gut punched our democracy that is left bleeding on the sidewalks and rural fields and forests across this once great land.

It is well past time for all patriotic American journalists who care about this country to stop making Trump a King when he is a conman foisted upon the majority of Americans by a vocal minority with the help of Putin, Russian oligarchs, a Russian troll farm, Evangelicals who apparently can’t wait for the rapture, GOP voter suppression efforts and gerrymandering, and American billionaires.

Just one. Just one Trump-free day would be lovely and healthy and right.

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