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When Will We Wake From Our National Psychosis?

When Will We Wake From our National Mass Psychosis?

Taking mental health seriously, we have been wondering what the state of our National mental health resembles?

An apparent disconnection from reality, resulting in strange behaviors—textbook psychosis—are on display in the White House/Trump daily televised “briefings” about COVID-19 in our midst.

Little Lord Fauntleroy character Jared Kushner—the in-over-his-head, bankrupt without Russian capital man/boy—is in charge of Middle East peace plan, the push for a vaccine for COVID-19, in charge of ventilator production, and has replaced the entire pandemic response team?

Little Lord Jared was also tasked by his infamous father-in-law with reforming the criminal justice system which apparently consists of dropping all charges against Michael Flynn who already admitted his guilt to the FBI, and letting Paul—the traitor—Manafort out of jail on fears for his safety against COVID-19. Despite failing to follow through on much of anything, Little Lord Jared remains the “number two” in the Trump administration. Oh, yes, and Little Lord Jared was given the responsibility of solving the opioid crisis, diplomacy with China, diplomacy with Mexico, and reforming care for veterans—all of which have gotten far worse since Jared took over these little duties.

Egotistical, myopic, and criminal Trump, Sr. is still holding the nation hostage, threatening former President Obama with 50 years in jail for the fictional “greatest crime in American history” and speaking irrationally, spreading lies about every topic of concern on a daily basis. Meanwhile, "Obamagate" has somehow become a thing, pushed by Trump and his surrogates.

Since Trump took office, America has become known as a nation that cages immigrant children, separating them first from parents and siblings. Since the conman in office assumed his dictator role, Mitch Moscow McConnell has aided the con in the Oval Office by blocking 95% of the legislation passed by the House, effectively bringing good government to a standstill. Moscow Mitch has also aided Trump in packing the Federal courts with supremely unqualified, embarrassingly unqualified, judges at the fastest rate in our history.

Mine Herr Trump has continued to prop up Putin-dictated conspiracies, promoted misinformation and outright lies, destroyed hundreds of air and water protections through sleight of hand. Trump, Sr. and his surrogate Trump, Jr. have attacked the free press on a daily basis, undermining the fairly limited ability of the American people to distinguish truth from fiction, fact from propaganda, science from science-fiction, and right from wrong, with the help of Kellyanne “alternative facts” Conway.

“Heil” Trump has advocated for abandoning U.S. allies and cozied up to dictators around the world, likely okaying the assassination of a Washington Post journalist by his “friend” the Saudi murderous Prince.

Trump, the vindictively cruel, is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans and those sickened by COVID-19 by destroying a pandemic response manual and team left by the previous President, by his inaction at a time of desperately needed action, and by daily lying, bullying, and trying out new angles to steal more capital from U.S. citizens instead of confronting the realities of a pandemic unleashed on our nation.

Trump, the profoundly ignorant, has blackmailed the nation of Ukraine in an attempt to get dirt on his political opponent, accepted Russian aid in numerous forms to ascend to the U.S. Presidency of the most powerful nation in the world in order to make it far, far less powerful, and, finally, an ignoble nation.

Bill Barr, Betsy DeVos, Lindsey Graham, well, the list goes on long enough for an encyclopedic volume of books on the makers of our national psychosis. Only one thing can wake us, cure American mental illness: November 3, 2020, cast your ballot and vote for every damn Democrat running.

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