Resistance and Action

Monthly Meetings at UPC in Cortland will be
online via ZOOM due to COVID-19 until
further notice. 

ICC Steering Committee:

Patty Francis and Bekkie Bryan, Co-Chairs 


Marilyn Avery, Gail Bundy,

Nancy Dafoe, Jane Hall, Andrew Palm, Rose Rafferty, Kelly Smith, and Anne Wiegard


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Educate family, friends, and neighbors to political realities and what we can do.

ICC Meetings

Sharing News

Maintain Facebook and Website 

Participate in Twitter "discussions"

Educate others, including our Congressional and Senate Representatives

Educate through our words and actions


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Promote Democratic American values

Promote climate change awareness and actions to alleviate the worst effects of climate change 

Promote public education

Promote fairness/equality under the law

Promote decency and truth

Promote facts and science

Promote basic human and immigration rights

Promote rights of working people and unions

Promote racial justice and honorable actions

Promote health care for all and wellness

Promote a women's rights and autonomy over

our own bodies

Promote economic opportunities through sound, noncorrupt means

Promote environmental protections

Promote integrity and good government


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Political Actions


Voter registration drives

Marchs and protests, letter and email campaigns to help create a truer democracy.

Organize events to call attention to important legislation, to injustice, government messaging and environmental dangers

Lobby for the people with our Representatives

Regular meetings with our Congressional representatives

Blogging and social media campaigns for truer democracy

Knit the District meetings with other Indivisible groups in order to coordinate our efforts and make for more effective messaging.


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It's Up to You

Help Indivisible nationwide and in our District 22 (may change);

help our District and Cortland County residents who want to get involved in making a difference and creating a better life, social and economic justice for everyone, for today and tomorrow.

Join us.


Everyone welcome.

Get involved. We are the democracy we seek.