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There’s Your Open Carry Law at Work for You

Holding their military grade weapons, Trump fanatics menaced FBI headquarters just outside the building in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday, August 14, 2022. The civilian threat, was, nevertheless, lawful since Arizona put in place open carry laws. The group of around twenty-five people were said to be protesting the FBI seizure of eleven sets of United States classified documents that Trump had taken to Mar-a-Lago.

You read that correctly: they were protesting the return of stolen U.S. top-secret documents from Mar-a-Lago. Incited by Trump himself on his “Truth Social” site, on Fox News, and by U.S. Republican representatives, these citizens must have believed they were doing the “right” thing. GOP “Representatives” Marjorie Taylor Green and South Carolina’s Jeff Duncan loudly claimed for the FBI to be “abolished” and “defunded” in response to the lawful return of U.S. documents to the country.

The FBI has reported an "unprecedented" number of threats against the bureau and its personnel at various locations around the country after the Mar-a-Lago seizure of some top-secret documents that Trump stole.

Between the propagandist Trump, the 24-7 misinformation network Fox News and Putinesque affiliates working in the U.S., scenes in the United States appear to be coming out of some parody or movie about a dystopia.

The Justice Department revealed that the FBI was under their direction when they took the country’s classified documents back with a legal search and seizure warrant. It has been reported by The New York Times that the documents Trump stole included nuclear weapon information and signal code information. In any normal society, Trump would have been arrested on the spot for treason. Here our Federal Bureau officers were under threat because of a propaganda mill akin to Hitler’s Goebbels’ machine in pre-war Germany.

Generally, under Arizona law ARS 13-3107, it’s legal to carry a firearm within the limits of a municipality. In Arizona, someone may enter a K-12 school with a firearm as long as it is unloaded (who is checking and at what cost)?

Now, the crazies are armed to the teeth and permitted to bully, threaten, and demand while carrying AR-15s.

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